Rum & Bones

Rum & Bones backed!

Not unsurprising that I backed Rum & Bones on Kickstarter the day it went online :p and now a week later it already collected more than 250.000 dollars! 

Well there is not much to say other than that the Kickstarter is coming along nicely with already a lot of miniatures unlocked and even a new faction, the Mazu’s Dreadfull Curse, an asian inspired faction that comes with three smalle junks instead of one ship, creating an all together new board to play on.

Rum & Bones new ships

So awesome! Nemo in both world famous forms :p

I like the fact that besides your heroes, you also get your own mobs. Expendable crew to swarm your enemies ship. And the sculpts look really nice too. As you can see.


If you want to know more about this game, either check the Kickstarter or check the gameplay video below.



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