Welcome to 2015

Happy new year! It’s 2015 and a new year for wargaming ๐Ÿ™‚ But at the start of a new year it’s also good to look back on the previous year.Rum & BonesFirst off all is the Kickstarter for Rum & Bones. As you can see by all my posts I was really excited for this one and backed it as soon as possible… however!

Some unexpected expenses for our new house came up and suddenly a hundred or more euros for a miniature is a lot of money, so I had to cancel my pledge ๐Ÿ™

Buy a house, they said. It’ll be fun they said…


DecurionSecondly is the development for Decurion, a skirmish game set in Ancient Rome and created by me. I don’t like where the game is going. Some elements make the game very dull, like the way you activate the miniatures. So I will rewrite a large part of the game in order to make it more challenging and a better game overall.ย This will take up more time, but I do hope to have the rules finished and maybe even printed this year!

PolderCon2015Thirdly are the events and tournaments I want to visit. Last year, due to a lot of cicumstances (my wife having not recovered from her accident in 2013 and getting cancer, extreme workpressure and buying a house) resulted in me only visiting a few events. This year I want to visit as many events as possible, starting with Poldercon, and even compete in the Warmachine & Hordes EU Masters again. ย I am also toying with the idea of organising something of my own again.

Orphans JuggerAnd finally painting, I still have a lot of ope projects, like my Gatormen for Hordes, Undead for Warhammer, models for Decurion and I want to start more projects :p Like Vikings for Saga and also Saga the Crescent and Cross looks very nice. I want to expand on my Super Dungeon Explore and the list goes on… Decisions decisions. And I just remembered that the Nemesis Kickstarter will be send to the backers this year, so that will have to be painted too.


I hope you will have a wonderfull and fun 2015 and will continue to enjoy the hobby together with me here on Bite the Dice ๐Ÿ˜€

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