How I enjoyed Poldercon 2015

Last Sunday  (08-02-2015) was the first edition of Poldercon and it was amazing! Around 20 games could be played and workshops in giving participation games and painting made the day perfect for any type of miniature gamer.

The day started early for my sleep deprived self and after a quick breakfast I stepped into the car to make the hour and a half drive to Poldercon in Utrecht (NL). Of course I had to get lost on my way, as is usual :p But as soon as I entered the building, I noticed two things firstly, the tables, there were a couple of very beautifully made tables with nice miniatures and amazing terrain and secondly the vibe! People were all chatting happily and the constant sound of laughter was present. I signed up for 3 things this day and after making a couple of rounds to drool over the tables, it was time to start with the workshop “make yer own scenery (as cheap as possible)

my lil' towerThe workshop was led by mister Pijlie from Pijlie’s Blog, so it was filled with good and practical tips and humour 😀 We had to make a building using simple and cheap materials like foamboard, cardboard and little wooden sticks. After some consideration I went and made a tower (though for some reason I only could think of making a prison pit… ) And after an hour of cutting and hot glueing, ouch!, My tower was finished and I am pretty happy with the result. And even better, I now am motivated to make more terrain… now I need a game to make terrain for :p

Muskets & TomahawksAfter an excellend lunch I went up for a round of Muskets & Tomahawks by Studio Tomahawk. I really wanted to try this game, since I heard a lot of good stories about it, but didn’t know anything about it. The scenario was about a French/Indian army ambushing British troops while crossing a river. The game mechanics are easy to learn and pretty straightforward. But the card driven activation is a lot of fun. You draw a card from a single deck and that card shows which force can activate which type of unit. This makes every turn interesting since you cannot anticipate everything and have to plan accordingly. A fun game indeed, though I doubt I will buythe rules, the period is just not my thing.

Samourai HeroesFinally I went for a game of Ronin, a skirmish game with samourai and ninja set in feudal Japan by Osprey Wargames. I’ve played a simplified version of the rules once during a the ninja raid scenario. The game uses easy to learn mechanics with a lot of emphasize on character development with lots of skills and abilities you can give your heroes, who can then smash groups of lowly ashigaru or peasants, whatever takes your fancy. I did like the game a lot. At this time I was getting pretty tired, so I grabbed my goodie bag and started on my way home, happy and content 🙂

Poldercon was truly amazing and I will definitely be there next year! The participation games and workshops were run by people who were really enthousiastic about what they were doing and you could see how it reflected in the enthousiasme of the participants.

If you want to see a lot of pictures from Poldercon and all the amazing tables and people, check out the Poldercon page

I had a great time and you? How did you enjoy Poldercon? And will you be there next year? Let me know in the comments below.

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