Orcs Must Die the boardgame

Kickstarter review: Orcs Must Die

I’ve played Orcs Must Die on the X-box 360 and it is a fun and challenging game. The goal is to stop waves of orcs from reaching a portal by placing traps in the hallways and attacking them with your hero. Sandy Petersen (best known for Cthulhu Wars) has adapted this game to a miniature boardgame and is running a Kickstarter at this moment.

Orcs must Die playfieldJust like the videogame, the goal of the boardgame is to stop waves of orcs reaching a portal and you achieve this by placing traps and attacking them with your hero. The game is a co-operative game,  ever player chooses a hero, each with their own special abilities and strengths and weaknesses, and plan their defence of the keep. When the first wave of orcs is released, the players must make sure to kill them all, earning a skull for every kill with which they can buy upgrades for their hero or new types of traps. Every wave of orcs is stronger than the previous one, so you have to upgrade your hero and traps wisely.

Orcs Must Die character cardThe game looks quite good, with tons of miniatures and cards. There are 2 sets to choose from in the Kickstarter, the Order Edition, in which you play as heroes stopping orcs or the Unchained Edition, in which you play as villains stopping the forces of good. If you have both gameboxes, you can play against each other, invading each others keeps simultaneously.

I like this game’s look and general gameplay. And might pick it up in the future (when things financially are better :p) If you are interested in the game, check out the kickstarter!


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