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Preview: Congo

Studio Tomahawk (creators of Saga, Muskets & Tomahawks and Jugula) have previewed their newest rulesset named Congo. It is a skirmish level miniature game, something like Saga, set in deepest africa.

ExpeditionNot much is known at this moment, but what is known is that there will be three factions to choose from. First up we got the Expedition, wealthy nobles with lots of servants exploring the secrets of the dark continent. Secondly are the native tribes, with Witch Doctors and fierce Chieftains. And lastly there are the Zanzibari Slavers and you can imagine why they are in Congo :p

The game is strongly scenario based with cannibals worshipping the great ape or a big game hunter searching his next trophy. Of course your imagination can run wild with Expedition members crossing a river filled with crocodiles or a native tribe trying to rescue their fellow tribesmen from slavers.

congo run from the rhinoThere wil also be a lot of interaction with wildlife like lions, rhinos or crocodiles as is seen on the preview pictures. Nothing has been said yet how animals are played in this game, but I like the idea of a rampaging elephant on the table already 😀


The miniatures used in the pictures are all from Wargames Foundry’s Darkest Africa collection. Definitely worth checking out in my opinion 😉

I am excited for this game, are you? Let me know in te comments below.

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