The new life

In my last post I announced we are having a baby and everyone knows that one of those will hav a huge impact on your life. So to cope with that, my wife and I decided to minimize our collections and games.

I am currently selling my Warmachine Mercs, Early Imperial Romans, Warhammer Undead and a lot of random models. That means the only miniature armies I keep are my Gatormen/Blindwater for Hordes, my Lizardmen for Warhammer (more out of nostalgia), some X-Wing ships and my Saga armies. In a month the models from the Nemesis Kickstarter will add to that and I am still expanding my Super Dungeon Explore collection. My wife is selling het Cirlce for Hordes and her Warhammer models.

Also from now on I am not going to make any plans anymore, but just go with the flow. If there is a new game being played in my area and I want to jump in, I will. But I am not going to start anymore big projects.

Saga Warlord and Calico KateSince this week I picked up painting and hobbying again! A new Warlord for my Anglo-Saxon warband for saga and Calico Kate, a Relic Knight cross-over hero for Super Dungeon Explore!

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