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Time to blog again

It has been a while since I last blogged and a lot of things has happened in the last couple of months both personally and hobby-wise!

MarcusOf course the most important thing is that I am now a father of a beautiful baby boy named Marcus. Inspired by Marcus Aurelius the Roman Emperor. The little bugger is in good health and we couldn’t be more proud of him.

Unfortunately he doesn’t look anything like me, so therefore I hope he has inherited my sense of humour and personality. Mwoehahaha, my wife will lead a hard life if he has :p


Concerning my wargaming, a lot has changed! Like the fact that we are in the process of selling our entire Warhammer collection! I’ve played a game of Age of Sigmar and absolutely disliked it to the point I just became irritated and quit the game before the end. I already stated in a previous post that I am not fit for competitive gaming and decided that I also don’t want  to keep updated of everything in order to step up my game. So I’ve also sold my entire Warmachine and Hordes!

Nemesis OrphansBut on the other hand I did get started with the Batman Miniature Game and it is amazing. If you don’t know the game than I advise reading this review written Pijlie. Since we are running on a tight budget here, I’ve had to choose one of the cheaper starters for Batman and since I don’t like the Two-Face mobsters, I went for Black Mask and his gang together with powerhouse Deathstroke.

And last but not least the Nemesis kickstarter pledge is in and I will be posting a unboxing later this week.

So this has been my last couple of months in short and even though I am now a father with considerable less spare time on my hands, I have a yearning to wargaming more than ever 😉

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