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Joining the Frostgrave madness

Anyone who’s even a little into wargaming must have heard about the latest hype created by Osprey Wargames known as Frostgrave. The fantasy skirmish game of competing wizards and their underlings fighting for lost treasures in a half frozen ruined city. Well I wasn’t really sure about this game until I started reading the book… Damn, another game to start with :p

warband start 1But I curently don’t have any wargaming budget, so what to do to still play this game? Bits boxes! My wife and I have several bits boxes from our Warhammer days packed to the brim with lost models, lots of sprues and tons  of plastic weapons, arms and everythin else.

So after scrounging through our wargames cabinet (yes we have only one) It turned out we had 9 bits boxes. Most were neatly sorted according to army (Ogre Kingdoms, Lizardmen or High Elves to name a few).

models FrostgraveSo on a sunny Sunday afternoon I got my clippers out and started on work on my warband. I found a complete box worth of Warhammer Empire Militia models and some State Troops which formed the basis for my henchmen. After some extensive bits swapping, I managed to create 2 thiefs/treasure hunters, 2 thugs, 2 crossbowmen, 2 men-at-arms, 1 infantrymen and 1 knight. Since Frostgrave is a bit chilly I gave all of the models fur cloaks from the Empire Knights.

IMG_2755Now for my wizard and apprentice. I wanted to do them a bit dark, a bit grimm. So taking a couple of High Elf mage bodies, archer legs and Empire wizard heads. I managed to create a pretty cool looking wizard and apprentice, especially the apprentice stroking his beard is something I really like.


Frostgrave TreasureMy wife once bought a blister with a desk and books, scrolls and whatnot for a vignette she never made… Claimed! So easy treasure markers  for me 🙂




Frostgrave creaturesIn the bits boxes I also found models for Imps (old snotlings), lesser and greater daemons, a boar, wolf and a ice toad.

Now I can start basing and undercoating the models. I want all of this to be finished before the next year, since there will be a campaign running in my local game store starting January.


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