Nemesis Orphans

Unboxing Nemesis Orphans

So a while ago I recieved my Nemesis Kickstarter pledge, a nice box full of metal Orphans and already played a short game with them.

About the miniatures

Nemesis OrphansThe metal miniatures are really good, hardly any flash and with good detail. Some parts are a bit to teeny tiny for my hobbying skills, but manageable. A bit annoying is that the miniatures have a warhammer-like bar beneath their feet, but the bases supplied are not slotta bases, so you spent quit some time cutting the right size of opening in the base for the minature… a bit of a shame there.

The resin Jugger on the other hand is not a very good sculpt. There is a production flaw as a large part of the main body is so thin its transparant. Also a great miss is a construction guide! Especially for the Jugger, so I have to do with a picture of the completed model on the back of the box?

 About the game

Nemesis OrphansWe played a short game to try out the rules a bit and it’s pretty good. The model have a lot of rules, which can be a bit overwhelming from the start, but after a couple of turns that wasn’t a problem anymore. The game is pretty straightforward with players activating their units simultaneously.

Every unit/model comes with a statcard, very easy you might think, well it is partially. Zenit Miniatures is a Spanish company and while they did a good job translating the game into English, they forgot to change the shortwords for the stats… Making the stats a lot less intuitive. Example: everyone can tell and remember the shortwords like STR, RAT, HP, or even something simple as M. But as I don’t speak any Spanish besides Olé and Cerveza, shortwords like…


Strictly looking at the game and miniatures it was a great buy and I am convinced I will have a couple of highly enjoyable games a year with Nemesis. No doubt there are guides online showing you how to build the Jugger and with either making an simple translation of the stats overview or rewriting the stat-cards all together, can make up for the flaws by Zenit.

If you like to know more about Nemesis, the rulebook is a free download.

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