Frostgrave campaign

Frostgrave campaign part one: the Living Museum

My local game store is hosting a Frostgrave campaign and I will take my new Necromancer into the frozen city to collect some loot.

The setup for the campaign is very basic. 500gc to build your warband and only one house rule, ll unclaimed treasures at the end of a game are lost and not collected by the winner. This way people will focus more on the scenario instead of just trying to kill each other.

The first scenario was the Living Museum in which there are six statues in the middle with each statue guarding a treasure token. Every time a treasure is claimed, a random statue comes to life and starts attacking the nearest figure.

My warband consisted out of a Necromancer with apprentice, 2 men-at-arms, 1 Infantryman, 2 thiefs and 2 thugs. My spell list: Bone Dart, Raise Zombie, Spell Eater, Leap, Brew Potion, Elemental Shield, Fleet Feet and Enchant Weapon. My opponent had an Elementalist with apprentice, some thiefs, thugs, men-at arms, a Infantryman , archer and a warhound.

My plan was to grab as many treasure as fast I could and escape the table immediatly afterwards.

Of the pre-game spells, only my raise zombie was succesfull. So after deployment, I rolled initiative and started moving my troops forward.

Frostgrave museum entrance
The treasure seekers enter the ruïned hall of statues.

A thief managed to collect the first treasure, so the first statue came to life in the Creature Phase. My opponent managed to deal some severely damage on a men-at-arms of mine with his archer and an Elemental Bolt from his wizard. Not very much happened in this round.

Round 2 however saw all treasure tokens captured and all statues come to life. My plan of ignoring my opponent and the statues with my thiefs succeeded! I had 4 treasures while my opponent only had the other two.  In the Creature Phase the Statues came to life to dish out some severe punishment and killing my already heavily wounded men-at-arms and damaging my zombie and Infantryman.

frostgrave museum statues
The statues are attacking!

In the third turn I started evacuating my troops to my table edge. With two succesfully cast Leaps and some running, all but my zombie, infantryman and one thief holding a treasure managed to clear the big “room”. This round als saw the destrucion of the first statue by my hands. My opponent also started withdrawing his troops, while trying to destroy a couple of statues for the experience boost. Your wizard gets 25exp for every destroyed statue by your warband.

frostgrave museum warbands
“There they are lads!” “But boss, there are living statues in the way!”

The fourth turn was not very spectacular. With two succesfull Leaps on the thief I managed to teleport him away from immediate danger of the statues. This round also saw the withdrawel of both my wizard and apprentice. My infantryman bit the dust and my opponent lost his warhound. We both destroyed a statue.

The remaining two turns saw another staue destroyed by my opponent and all treasures were spirited savely of the table.

frostgrave museum ending
zombie vs statue… a very one-sided battle

For the end game I rolled pretty well. I only lost the men-at-arms, but that is a risk you take when venturing out in the frozen city. I got 310exp so my wizard is now level 3! I lowered the casting of Spell Eater, Leap and Brew Potion with my skill points. As a homebase I choose the Crypt to lower the casting value of Raise Zombie by two points.

For the four looted treasure markers I rolled a total of 540gc and a +1 fight dagger. With the gold I hired a new men-at-arms and traded my thugs for a knight and a templar.

Even though there wasn’t any combat between us, I am very pleased with this start of the campaign.

Next week it is going to be The Library. But first I have to kitbash a templar :p