Frostgrave campaign

Frostgrave campaign part two: The Library

So the second location in the frozen city has been raided by the warbands and lots of scrolls and grimoires have been found. Not to mention heaps of gold.

This time my opponent was a fellow necromancer, but instead of sharing the loot, he wanted it all for himself…

My warband was expanded with a knight and a templar, so I got a couple of heavy hitters. My tactic was basically the same as last game, the thiefs would take a treasure as fast as they can and flee from the board. The other models would try to secure two more treasures and defend them. A solid and pretty safe plan.

frostgrave library 1
Just entered the library and already one treasure safe and secure

In the first turn, I could take one treaure with a thief and immediatly cast Leap to teleport him off the table. Only three more treasures to go according to my plan.

My other thief moved to my far right while the rest of the warband just fanned out into the library. My opponent moved straight at me, hoping to damage me with spells and arrows.

Frostgrave library 2
Greedy treasurehunters grabbing my loot

The second turn saw some damage inflicted upon my infantryman and a couple of missed shots. My second thief finally got to the treasure, avoiding a spell on the way and picked it up. Two turns later he was off board safe and unscathed. By this time, my opponent got his greedy fingers on some treasure, but he was to far away from me to do something about that. My Infantryman did die though.

In the third turn my opponent managed to safeguard a treasure and one of my men-at-arms got another one. We both cast Leap twice to teleport them off the table. There was still one left…

Frostgrave Library 4
Action shot, because I should take more action shots instead of birdview shots

In the remaining turns I managed to kill a zombie with my wizard (for the exp) and my opponent got the last treasure of the table ending the game after less than an hour. We both had three treasures and both our wizards levelled two times. The skillpoints is used to lower the casting values of Leap and Enchant Weapon, the latter for the next scenario.

The three treasures rolled for 180gc, a Cloack of +1 protection and a Grimoire of Plane Walk. I also sold my +1 fight dagger for a 150gc, together with the 290gc still in my bank, I had a little spending money. I expanded my crypt with a kennel and carrier pidgeons. I also bought a +2 damage had weapon.

Te next scenario is the Haunted Houses and with a high chance of Wraiths, you seriously want some magic weaponry in your warband.

Hopefully Enchant Weapon and the magic sword will be enough.

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