Poldercon 2016

Aaaaaand… it’s over :p

Poldercon 2016 was yet again much fun!

Just like last year, players had the opportunity to try out all kinds of miniature games over an entire day. The day is divided into four segments of an hour and a half with a lunch break after the second round. You could sign up fort he games a couple of months prior, so you had an guaranteed spot at the games you wish to play. So after catching up with a couple of people I got started with my first game.


Game 1: By Fire and Sword

poldercon by fire and swordFrom the moment it was released, I’ve heard many good things about this game. So really wanted to play a game to see i it could be a game for me. Well, I can say the answer is… no, it isn’t. The game has a lot of small rules for a lot of things, compared wih a really big rulebook and the fact that I, if I would play this myself, would be constantly leafing throught the book in search of rules or what to do. But it could also bet he fact that after almost 45 minutes of rules explanation, we started playing and only saw 2 mediocre combats in the remaning 45 minutes, so I still don’t know exactly what this game could potentially offer.

I fielded the Polish troops and stood against a army of Tartars. The objective was the hill in the middle. But due to time shortage we only shot against each other and I had a little skirmish with on unit which ended in a draw.


Game 2: Sharpe Practice

The table we played on was a historical representation of Aalsmeer during the **** century and was completely handcrafted. Therefore I was not an surprise it won “Best Table” :p

Aalsmeer Poldercon IMG_20160207_121842The game itself is a skirmish game with some nicely painted models representing the Prussian troops invading Aalsmeer and some troops from Amserdam and France who try to stop them. Every player had his own special objective (a big plus for me!) and its own commander and troops.My objective was to rob the church, unfortuntely there were some cheeseheads in he way, but with superior firepower and despite the fact I got shot at in the open by both the Amsterdam and French troops, I managed to clear the grounds surrounding the church.

Unfortunately we were out of time,  because I would have loved to see how it all ended.


Game 3: Navarchus

polderon navarchusA cool looking table and ships caught my eye when I approached the Navarchus table, a rulesset about the naval engagements during the Punic Wars by the hand of Richard Evers, and couldn’t wait to start playing. The game is fairly easy to learn with orders you an give to your ships like turn left/right, straight ahead, ram of grapple for boarding and moving the ships using movement templates. This game is a type of game I sorely missed, it reminded me of Uncharted Seas and that game I always enjoyed playing.

I fielded the carthaginian ships while my opponent had the romans. Things really looked togo my way at first with some destroyed ballista and missile troops amongst the romans. But then he started throwing fireballs at my ships, ingniting a couple of them and also some of my boarding actions weren’t as succesfull. Still, a great game.


No game 4

Unfortunately Congo by Studio Tomahawk got cancelled, so I spent the time talking to people, leafing through the En Garde! Rulebook and exploring the Goodie Bag!

poldercon 2016 spoils
My Poldercon 2016 spoils

Afterwards there was dinner and chatting and laughing and we stayed until we were asked to vacate the building. If you haven’t noticed that the lights were going out, than you know you had a very good time 😉

Till next year!


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