Wargaming on a tight budget

As every miniaure gamer can tell you, you can literally throw every cent you make into this hobby and still see more new shinies on the horizon. And I have done this for years… but that is now at an end!

Later this year I will lose my job and from then on I will be working in my wife’s small business, so money will be tight. That’s why I only have a budget of €20 a month for miniatures, boardgames and videogames. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing 😉

So whats next? Well… Prioritise!

It’s impossible to keep all my games and collections updated or expanding with new additions. Also starting a completely new game or collection is something I better skip this year. So first of all,  this week our store campaign for Frostgrave started and I am cuurently in the process of painting my Necromancer Warband. As you could have read in this post, I scavenged my warband entirely from my bits box and I will try to keep doing this for every addition I want in my warband. So basically I will not spent money on Frostgrave miniatures. 

Black Mask crewThe game I have been playing quite a lot lately is the Batman Miniature Game. Unfortunately I still have the same models since I started, so everyone knows what I will play and what is best to use against me. Some few extra models to have more options is something I definitely will spent money on, even when the miniatures are rather pricey.

X-wingI got extremely lucky in December last year, a friend of mine had 2 Rebel Aces boxes for X-Wing and he offered it to me for less than half price! So I now have enough ships for the Rebels to make all kinds of lists. So no expenses on that game this year.

Unfortunately I hardly play any SAGA anymore, the players all play different games actively now or have moved to far away. I really wanted to start work on a Viking collection. The same is for Nemesis, everyone else doesn’t have time to pay anymore.

Rogue StarsLater this year Osprey will be releasing the game Rogue Stars which immediatly gripped my attention and even though I said I will not start a new game, it might be worth to save a few euros for this later this year :p

What is your budget and how do you keep yourselve from spending to much? Please let me now in the comments below.


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