Kickstarter review: Cretacea: A Game of Gargantuan Survival

Dinosaurs! I’ve always loved dinosaurs, these huge creatures that once stomped over the world tickled my imagination from a very young age. When people asked me what I wanted to be when I was six years old I always said “I want to be a paleontologist” and then I had to explain to family and teachers what that was. Of course I also played with dinosaur toys a lot and now thanks to Cretacea, I can do it again on the tabletop. (Not that I needed an excuse to play with dinosaurs mind you :p )

dinosaur surrounded CretaceaIn Cretacea, a skirmish game by Arthur Hannah, players take command of either verocious carnivores, like raptors and T-Rexes or the giant herbivores like the Argentinosaurus here or the Parasauluphus.

Players normally wield a couple of models, depending on size of the dinosaurs and how dangerous they are.

The game uses a D6 system with stats for the individual dinosaurs. The better thing are the unique rules like Stomping small creatures with your biggest beasts or using a mighty Roar!

Cretacea stats










Looking at the stat card it seems you can also choose to attack certain body parts to cripple your opponents abilties.

The game sounds quick and fun to play. Even though it is designed to play with the 10mm miniatures from Magister Militum, I believe this game is great fun to play with toy dinosaurs from a similar or slightly bigger scale.

If you like dinosaurs and want to play a quick, fun ad cheap game, You simply have to check out the Kickstarter. I mean, 4 pounds for the PDF and 10 pounds for the book isn’t something to sleep over right? 😉



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