Hello all (if anyone is actually reading this :p )


So there have been some developments in the last year. Like starting a tabletop webstore specializing in anime/manga themed board and card games which didn’t pan out due to low profits on the products. Me becoming a fulltime stay-at-home dad and having more time on my hands again. And the fact I don’t visit the not-so -local gamestore due to the fact there isn’t anyone left to play the games I like to play with. And the games that are being played there, isn’t my cup of tea.

But I have the itch to blog again, but not only regarding wargaming. I want to blog about the entire tabletop hobby. So board- and card games, miniature games and even roleplaying games.

At the moment I only play the occassional boardgame, but that isn’t satisfying enough for me. I want to play more, but I yet have to find a way of how to do this. Finding more like-minded people in the area could be a start, but how do you find them? I’ve tried via Facebook and forums, but unsuccessfull to date.

relthozaI did pick up hobbying and painting again with some new gladiators almost finished. And since a friend of mine started to plat Firestorm Armada, I got my hands very cheaply on a starter for the Relthoza, but I’ll post more about that once they are finished 😉

Not much to say at this point really, got loads of ideas for articles, people still approach me asking if I will continue to work on my Decurion rulesset and I have a couple of project ideas I want to work out.

So, hopefully you, dear reader, will follow me and enjoy the blog.



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