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Preview: Harry Potter Miniature game

My wife is a true¬†fan of the Wizarding World as written by J.K. Rowling. She read all the books and seen the movies and knows a lot about it. So a little while ago, we were talking about how we missed the hobby and that we should start a game together. We both didn’t want to paint up large armies, so if it had to be a skirmish game, there was only one no-brainer…

The upcoming Harry Potter Miniature Game.

The game is being produced by Knight Models, the company behind the very succesfull Batman Miniature Game and the unfortunately cancelled Marvel Universe Miniature Game. They are know for having stunning sculpts in 35mm true to the source. The miniatures previewed thus far have all been inspired by the movies.

Hermoine miniature
I like the scarf on Hermoine

Harry Potter miniature game spell cardGame wise there hasn’t been a lot of information. Besides miniatures, you have spellcards which describe the spell, casting difficulty and something about a Wizard Clock…

I’d really like to see a stat card, knowing Knight Models there will be stat cards, to see if there is something like close combat for when you are out of spells or for monsters like Buckbeak the Hippogryff.

It is know that there will be magical items and potions to distribute amongst your wizards and witches. Potionmaster rule for Snape perhaps?


Severus-Snape miniature
Snape looks amazing

Knight Models has stated that there will be factions, but they didn’t specify. How many factions? I do hope it will not be good vs evil. But that you can create factions like Order of the Phoenix, Ministry for Magic, the Deatheaters and perhaps all the different Houses of Hogwarts. Hufflepuff faction anyone?

No doubt my wife will be playing the good guys, whilst I will be playing the baddies (did the games on Pottermore and my House is Slytherin with a snake being my Patronus :p )

The game will be coming Fall 2017

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