gladiators 28mm

Regular hobby update #1

So this week I started painting again after a long hiatus and I found it quite relaxing actually. So in order to keep me motivated, I will try to post a hobby update once every two weeks, to show you what I am working on. This is what I did this week…

First I started finishing a project that’s been lying around for years, a couple of gladiators I bought once at Crisis. I must say I am very pleased, the models are from Crusader Miniatures and they are beautiful sculpts. Three models fight as a Retiarius (one doesn’t have his net anymore) and one as a Laquearius. I wanted to show more etnicity, since the Romans took slaves from all corners of the, then, known world. I found that I escpecially like to paint dark skin, it looks great on a miniature and you don’t see it very often. Unfortunately I didn’t know purple could only be worn by the imperial family, but I am not going to change that :p

dragon red primer relthozaAnd in the remainder of the week I managed to assemble and prime my Relthoza fleet for Firestorm: Armada. I wanted to have a colourful fleet, so I went with a Dragon Red primer from the Army Painter since I like to start a bit darker with colours. I am still considering which colours I want to add. Orange goes great with red, but something like a deep blue or green could be a nice contrast. I mean, they’re alien spiders, what do they care if colours match correctly.

All in all I am very pleased with what I accomplished in my first week.  Next week I am on vacation with the family, so no painting wil be done, but we will be playing a card game my wife and I play together occasionally, the Lord of the Rings: the Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games. I’ll talk more about that game later.

Happy gaming and painting to all.

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