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From metal to resin to plastic

There is a trend going on in the world of wargaming which I personally think is brilliant. Recasting metal models into plastic/restic/resin. Personally I despice metal, I find it heavy, paint chips of, limits conversion capabilities and if the terrain is unstable, the models easily falls down. So, yes, I like the idea of more resin miniatures.

Knight-Models-Pre-Coloured-PlasticsThis week both Knight Models (the Batman Miniature Game) and Crocodile Games (Wargods) showed models that will switch from being metal to being plastic or resin.

The Batman miniatures are amazing, beautifull sculpts at 35mm. Unfortunately, I have seen many models being chipped or parts broken of due to falling over rough terrain, from on top of buildings or just because they were sculpted top-heavy and simply tipped over.  So switching to plastic for this game is a huge plus! The coloured plastic is a nice addition for those who want to enjoy the game without having to paint.


WGH Abominable SnowbeastCrocodile Games have recast some of their biggest models into plastic and with lesser parts you have to assemble. The Abominable Snowbeast for example was a real struggle to assemble in its metal incarnation. The torso consisted out of several parts alone in order to make it hollow, else the model would become to heavy and expensive. And even the arms were made out of multiple parts, so it was prone to having a limb removed whilst playing the game. Or people simply gave up assembly :p

WGH Snowbeast-partsNow in resin, they could cast the torso into one massive piece, something that couldn’t be done with metal. Fewer parts to assemble and so less chance to dismemberment.

And in resin, the details of the fur don’t get lost, giving you the same model, but user-friendly.

Recasting in plastic or resin also makes it easier to create bigger models, like the Warjacks and Warbeasts for Warmachine & Hordes respectively.


Failcast Meme
Not all changes worked out that great…

So personally I can only applaud these changes. What is your opinion? Do you prefer metal? If so, why?

Let me know in a comment below, I’d like to hear.

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