Charge! SAGA

SAGA: Battle of the four cowards

So last Saturday I managed to play a couple of games of SAGA for the first time in almost two years. Both battles were four-player battles and both played out quite differently. The first one was a free-for-all, the players each started in one of the corners and had to kill as many men as possible within seven turns.

I decided to play with my Anglo-Saxons, we all had four points to spent on our warband, so I got three points worth of Warriors, creating two units of twelve Warriors. With my last point I bought a unit of mounted Hearthguard, to try an lure weaker elements of my opponents away from their main body and destroy them.

I can’t remember what my opponents armies looked like, but I went up against Scots, Jomsvikings and Norse Gaels… yay :p

And yes, that is 2d terrain. The host is an active Warmachine player, a game in which 2d terrain is a must-have with all those big and clunky (metal) models. I don’t like it either, but just bear with me 😉

Turn 1, 2 and 3

Anglo-Saxon Warlord
my Saxon king is surveying the battlefield

In the first three turns we all just moved forward. I decided to concentrate all my forces on the Jomsviking player opposite of me. The Scots player to my left moved all of his troops towards the Norse Gaels player oposite of him, who in turn just turtled up and created a defensive perimeter against both Scots and Jomsvikings who were heading towards him. In these three turns there was no combat, but the Jomsvikings player managed to get a couple of kills. He used his Punishment ability on me to stop me from activating a unit (else he would increase his Wrath with two points, which is a bad thing) and then used Northern Tempest on his target, the Norse Gael, to kill of three men selected by the player. Ouch!

Turn 4

Since my opponent was moving away from me, I decided to speed things up a little. With enough activations bought, the We Obey rule from the Warlord and the No Surrender ability, I could activate all units twice and then remove the fatique generated by these actions. That got my troops a whole lot closer then my opponent expected.

On the other side, things were still passive. The Scots weren’t going to attack the Norse Gaels and they just stood there waiting for others to attack them.


Turn 5

Move Move Move SaxonsIn this turn I became the victim of the Northern Tempest ability, so I had to remove three men. With the Anglo-Saxons, you really want to keep your units above the ten man limit to gain those extra bonuses from your ability board.

At this point I also decided that I had to lure the Komsvikings towards me, by becoming a real threat to them and that worked, They stopped moving towards the Norse Gaels (yay) and started to move towards me (oh oh).

Turn 6

Come at me heathen! SAGA
fight us you heathens!

At this point some players became frustrated that there still has not been any combat yet. That the Jomsvikings are way to overpowered in multiplayer battles (he could stay at max Wrath now)

And it was in this turn my right most unit got attacked by his Hearthguard who got buffed by a couple of abilities and completely tore up the entire unit. This was now the only battle fought till the start of turn seven.

Turn 7

SAGA stand-off
its time to fight

Having finally lured the Jomsvikings Wariors closer, I charged both my Warlord and Warriors in there (my Hearthguard were trying to attack some small band of Scots to my far right, it didn’t went that well) to try and get me some points.

But again, Jomsvikings abilities with a lot of Wrath buffing them make for deadly opponents and I got my nose bloodied badly.

Meanwhile, the Scots went for a charge but got slammed by a duel issued by the Norse Gaels. And with that the battle was over. The Jomsvikings won and everyone complained about it.

It was time to spice things up, it was time to play the Wooden Oaths scenario from the Northern Fury supplement. Which you can read later this week 😉


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