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Irregular hobby update #1.5-ish

Yes yes, I know I said the hobby update would be biweekly last October, but I didn’t hobby a lot… or at all for months (new job, no opponents close by, not that many miniature games left in my possession). So here is the promised hobby update in which I will show you what I’ve been up to in these last couple of months.

RelthozaFirst I managed to finish my Relthoza for Firestorm: Armada. I wanted to try something different with them and since they have cloacking devices, I tried to paint them at the moment they engage/disengage their cloacking devices.

I doubt I will play this game a lot or once and then leave it at the back of the cabinet. Spartan Games closed shop last year and there are other good and supported capital ship battle games out there (when do we get the new Battlefleet Gothic!?!)

Imperial AssaultFor my birtday last month I got Imperial Assault from my wife and it is a really awesome game with a lot of miniatures and components. I play the game solo using the companion app and it really is a lot of fun. I will post a review of the app in its current state as soon as I’ve finished my second playthrough.

The miniatures are a little small for my taste, but fun to paint nonetheless. Except for the Stormtroopers! Bweugh! Not my cup-of-tea and I still need to paint six of them šŸ™



painting table 01

Currently on my paintstation are a couple of Frostgrave wolves I will use for gladiatorial games and for Imperial Assault, a couple of Nexu beasts, Luke Skywalker and Diala Passil, the Force-sensitive hero whose starting equipment does not include the lightsaber she wields as a miniature…


After these, there are still a lot more Imperial AssaultĀ  miniatures I need to paint, like Darth Vader, a couple of heroes, Trandoshans and the AT-ST. Ohw and those blasted Stormtroopers!




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