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So after a year and a half of inactivity regarding miniature gaming, I now stand at the precipe of being completely active once more. This in fact is thanks to the opening of The Fantasy Realm, a new locale were you can play and organise for your favourite games. And the owner happened to be an old club member of the Warhammer club I used to run and he was looking for someone to organise miniature game events and thought I could help him. And so I am now fully back in the game, but without a game that is actively played in the area.

The games that are being played actively in my direct surroundings are Warhammer 40k and Warmachine/Hordes. Both games I have no intention of playing for various reasons.

So I am now looking at games I want to play and yes, I do actually have money to spend on them :p


Idoneth Deepkin turtleFirst of the games I look at is Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Yeah I know how it sounds if you know me a bit, I was so done with GW after I played AoS when it first got released. But I must be honest, I do like were both the game and the company is going. AoS is very scenario driven (which I really like) and with the campaigns and extra stuff GW does for the game is something to applaud. But it is mostly thanks to my wife I look at the game, she’s starting to get an itch towards miniature gaming after many years of inactivity.

The biggest decision I had to make was which faction do I want to play? My choice has fallen on the upcoming Idoneth Deepkin, Sea Aelves ( 😛 ) riding flying sharks, flying eels and flying giant turtles. They look so cool! Painting will definitely be a challenge, but the models really scream for vibrant colours in my opinion.

My wife on the other hand has chosen to play with the Sylvaneth, the dryads and treeman of old. As soon as the Deepkin are available, will we get out startersets. At least there is a Games Workshop store in a nearby city, so at least there are people to play with.

And yes, I still find everything GW releases expensive AF!


Gangs of Rome logoAnother game I am very interested in is Gangs of Rome by Warbanner. In this skirmish game you control a rabble financed by a Roman noble to increase their power on the streets of Ancient Rome. There are three things I like about this game, it is small scale, you only need a couple of miniatures, which also look very nice, to play and it is played on a 3×3 table. The price, everything is actually pretty cheap to buy, you pay between €4 -€8 for a model inlcuding a special base, tokens, cards and a roman numeral die. And finally the game, the rules are fluid and there are a lot of options for gang costumization and scenario play.

Besides trained streetfighters, you can also add rabble and specialists like a gladiator, butcher or a Fierce Mastiff.

blood on the aventine
The upcoming starterset including 7 models, cards, tokens and the awesome terrain piece will cost you only about €40/£35/$50


monsterpocalypse logoPrivateer Press recently previewed a reboot for Monsterpocalypse coming in Fall 2018. The game used to be played with pre-painted figures bought in blind-boxes representing huge monsters and robots you use to fight each other and destroying entire city’s in the process. The game had some success in certain parts of the world, but never really stood out next to Privateer Press’s big games Warmachine & Hordes. Protectors-Group-ShotIn the rebooted version the miniatures will not be pre-painted and blind-boxed, so you can choose the faction you really want to play and paint the models exactly how you want them to look.

As a lover of everything dinosaur, I really want to see the new models for the upcoming Terrasaurs faction. Though I have to admit, the Defender X model does look nice.


There are even more games than these three I would like to play. Like Company of Iron, a true skirmish game using the models from Warmachine and Hordes. If Privateer Press would only distribute the Rulebook & cards for Company of Iron instead of only selling them in their own webstore, I could play against all the WarmaHordes players without having to collect an entire army. A unit and a couple of solo’s would be enough… but alas 🙁

I was also really looking forward to Star Wars Legion and managed to get a core set for the gameroom to use for demonstrations, but unfortunately, everyone I know didn’t want to start with this game fearing it would be a short-lived hype.

And finally, even though I dislike the “Huge Boners for Space Marines” game commonly called 40k, I do keep my eyes peeled for the upcoming Kill Team rules and models. I remember how much fun the first Kill Team was and like I said, a scenario driven skirmish game is my  ̶g̶l̶a̶s̶s̶-̶o̶f̶-̶b̶e̶e̶r̶  cup-of-tea.

As always we have to see what I will start and what not, if for a game nobody else is interested, I won’t start it. I am done with spending money on miniatures and games only to have the game die out within a couple of months.

I will of course keep you all posted on any decisions made in the coming months 😉



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