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So who am I? My name is Jelle, I was born in 1986 (you do the math :p) and live in the Netherlands, in a small appartement with my wife Lisette (whom I met playing D&D and Warhammer) and my two cats Pim and Gaia. Obviously my biggest hobbies are miniature war-and skirmishgames, but also consolegaming, watching movies and having a good time with friends (and beer… and barbeque).

Pondering over my next move against Skaven

 My wargamingrecord starts when I was 13 and saw Warhammer Fantasy in a small store, I was immediatly hooked up and bought a few High Elves. Unfortunately I didn’t had a lot of money and no community near me, so I never played a game and just painted the few minatures I could buy once in awhile.  That all changed when I was eighteen and saw the new Lizardmen (6th) being released. So I started an army and found a gamestore in Zwolle. Soon I went to tournaments in other cities and played tons of games. Occasionally I started a new army, but always returned to my Lizardmen.

A few years ago a friend persuaded me to try out Hordes and I was immediatly hooked. The low modelcount, the tactics and strategies so different then Warhammer completely captured my attention for this game. With the release of 8th edition Warhammer, which I don’t really like, I’ve made Hordes my main game. I also like playing X-Wing and Saga and I am always looking forward to try out new games.

I hope you will enjoy my blog and maybe we will meet each other across the table shoving dice and rolling miniatures… 😉

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