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Charge! SAGA

SAGA: Battle of the four cowards

So last Saturday I managed to play a couple of games of SAGA for the first time in almost two years. Both battles were four-player battles and both played out quite differently. The first one was a free-for-all, the players each started in one of the corners and had to kill as many men as possible within seven turns.

I decided to play with my Anglo-Saxons, we all had four points to spent on our warband, so I got three points worth of Warriors, creating two units of twelve Warriors. With my last point I bought a unit of mounted Hearthguard, to try an lure weaker elements of my opponents away from their main body and destroy them.

I can’t remember what my opponents armies looked like, but I went up against Scots, Jomsvikings and Norse Gaels… yay :p

And yes, that is 2d terrain. The host is an active Warmachine player, a game in which 2d terrain is a must-have with all those big and clunky (metal) models. I don’t like it either, but just bear with me 😉

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Defense of France, Napoleonic mega battle

In the beginning of this year, the people of the Dutch Miniature Wargaming Facebookgroup decided to start a huge project named 2014 the Defense of France / 2015 Quatre Bras/Waterloo. The objectice was to collect and paint an army for both events. I decided to join the Prussians during this war and last saturday we played the first series of battle for the Defense of France. Continue reading Defense of France, Napoleonic mega battle

In the face of the beast

Witchfinder General: Summoning in the woods

During our last Wargame Beer with the Dutch Miniature Wargaming Facebookgroup, I’ve played my first games of Witchfinder General. I have the rulebook myself, but didn’t have a chance to play. Pijlie from Pijlie’s Wargames Blog supplied the miniatures and scenario for this tactical and fun game. Continue reading Witchfinder General: Summoning in the woods

Charge of the Rockram

Rain down destruction on Cryxians

A couple of days ago I’ve played a game of Warmachine 35pts against a Cryx player from my club with my mercs as part of the running Journeyman League and was a bit skeptical about my chances. My past encounters with Cryx did not go well and I am still learning the tricks about my mercs. But it all went really well eventually. Continue reading Rain down destruction on Cryxians