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Games I’m currently considering playing

So after a year and a half of inactivity regarding miniature gaming, I now stand at the precipe of being completely active once more. This in fact is thanks to the opening of The Fantasy Realm, a new locale were you can play and organise for your favourite games. And the owner happened to be an old club member of the Warhammer club I used to run and he was looking for someone to organise miniature game events and thought I could help him. And so I am now fully back in the game, but without a game that is actively played in the area.

The games that are being played actively in my direct surroundings are Warhammer 40k and Warmachine/Hordes. Both games I have no intention of playing for various reasons.

So I am now looking at games I want to play and yes, I do actually have money to spend on them :p Continue reading Games I’m currently considering playing

Ixalan dino priest

2017: the year of the dinosaur in tabletop gaming?

Giving stuff a Triple A status is commonly used for movies, videogames, clothing brands or brands. But in tabletop gaming there are also a few publishers and companies who have achieved the Triple A status and two of these “big players”will/have publish(ed) games with the same theme this year which happens to be one of my biggest favourites since I was six years old, Dinosaurs! RAAAAAWR!

The two publishers are Wizards of the Coast, renowned for both the worldwide card game phenomenon Magic: the Gathering and the famous roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons created by Gary Gygax back in 1974. The other publisher is Osprey Wargames (part of Osprey Publishing) who started publishing their first rulesset in 2011 (Dux Bellorum by Dan Mersey) and has published amazing rules ever since, with their biggest hit no doubt being Frostgrave by Joseph A. McCullough.

So if you are crazy about dinosaurs and also like to play tabletop games, 2017 is your year. Let me show you why.

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Great Wargaming Survey 2017

The Great Wargaming Survey 2017

What started as a fun and interesting survey in 2014, quickly grew out to be THE biggest survey for wargamers in the world, cataloging all the trends and also changes within the wargaming scene.

Today the Great Wargming Survey 2017 starts, so take 5 minutes to answer the questions and by doing so you get a €5 discount code for the Karwansaray webstore and you also get  the chance to win one of the prizes listed below!

A Warlord Games starter set and one plastic box set of the winner’s choice
– A Rubicon plastic box set of the winner’s choice
– A Plastic Soldier Company plastic box set of the winner’s choice
– A Gripping Beast plastic box set of the winner’s choice
– A Perry Miniatures plastic box set of the winner’s choice (ACW starter, Travel Battle set excluded)
– Two Osprey wargaming rulebooks of the winner’s choice
– The two latest wargaming books from Pen & Sword
– A 4Ground set
– Two rulesets of the winner’s choice from Peter Pig
– Two copies of Baccus Polemos rules of the winner’s choice
– A Pendraken 10mm Army Pack of the winner’s choice
– 3* A two-year subscription of the winner’s choice to either Ancient Warfare, Ancient History Magazine, Medieval Warfare or Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy



Hello all (if anyone is actually reading this :p )


So there have been some developments in the last year. Like starting a tabletop webstore specializing in anime/manga themed board and card games which didn’t pan out due to low profits on the products. Me becoming a fulltime stay-at-home dad and having more time on my hands again. And the fact I don’t visit the not-so -local gamestore due to the fact there isn’t anyone left to play the games I like to play with. And the games that are being played there, isn’t my cup of tea.

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