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Voldemort banner miniature game

Preview: Harry Potter Miniature game

My wife is a true fan of the Wizarding World as written by J.K. Rowling. She read all the books and seen the movies and knows a lot about it. So a little while ago, we were talking about how we missed the hobby and that we should start a game together. We both didn’t want to paint up large armies, so if it had to be a skirmish game, there was only one no-brainer…

The upcoming Harry Potter Miniature Game.

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Kickstarter review: Cretacea: A Game of Gargantuan Survival

Dinosaurs! I’ve always loved dinosaurs, these huge creatures that once stomped over the world tickled my imagination from a very young age. When people asked me what I wanted to be when I was six years old I always said “I want to be a paleontologist” and then I had to explain to family and teachers what that was. Of course I also played with dinosaur toys a lot and now thanks to Cretacea, I can do it again on the tabletop. (Not that I needed an excuse to play with dinosaurs mind you :p )

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Unleashed box

Preview: Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

I am not one to give a lot of attention towards roleplay games. I’ve played and collected enough back in the time (I sound really old right now :p), but simply don’t have the drive to play them anymore. But when a new game is being released suported by such a nice looking set of miniatures and set in one of my favourite fantasy/steampunk worlds, other worlds are Middle-Earth, Azeroth and the Discworld 😉 I just have to blog about it! Continue reading Preview: Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

Imperial Assault box

Star Wars Imperial Assault preview

I am a true Star Wars fan, did I ever mention that? Seen al the movies way to many times, played a lot of the computergames and I am very happy with Fantasy Flight Games giving extra love to the franchise with the amazing X-Wing miniature game. But their upcoming release really makes my mouth water, a Star Wars skirmish/dungeon crawler called Imperial Assault! Continue reading Star Wars Imperial Assault preview