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Super Dungeon Explore

Review: Super Dungeon Explore

Dungeon crawling… Bands of heroes who delve into a dungeon to slay the monsters and loot the treasures. Weither you do it in a videogame, roleplaying game or on the tabletop, the principle is always the same. And if you combine it with a chibi anime setting and miniatures inspired by 8-bit computergames, you get the awesome game called Super Dungeon Explore, by Soda Pop Miniatures

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Kickstarter review: Nemesis, Rise of the Juggers

I have had my eye on Nemesis by Zenit Miniatures for many years now. I like the sculpts very much, though I hardly know anything about the rules. Especially the Orphan miniatures are way to awesome! And now there is a Kickstarter running to flesh out the factions with new miniatures and one gigantic monster. Continue reading Kickstarter review: Nemesis, Rise of the Juggers