Unleashed box

Preview: Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

I am not one to give a lot of attention towards roleplay games. I’ve played and collected enough back in the time (I sound really old right now :p), but simply don’t have the drive to play them anymore. But when a new game is being released suported by such a nice looking set of miniatures and set in one of my favourite fantasy/steampunk worlds, other worlds are Middle-Earth, Azeroth and the Discworld 😉 I just have to blog about it! Continue reading Preview: Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

Undead Goblin Necromancer

My return to Warhammer

I am not a big fan of Warhammer 8th, I tried multiple times to get started again, only to quit after a couple of games. And I do know the reason why. 8th edition, to my mind, is not suitable for heavy competitive play, but more for scenario driven narrative big battles and campaigns. Unfortunately, in my gaming community most players are of the competitive kind and play the game with the best armylists and combinations you can make. But then I thought… I can always play some battles somewhere else. Continue reading My return to Warhammer