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Charge of the Normans

For King and Country II Saga tournament

Last Saturday I hosted a small Saga tournament and with four players it was a small tournament, but very fun and challenging nonetheless. The diversity between the players was little with 2 Viking and 2 Norman players. Luckily we all had very different warbands with us and when all the models were placed on the table we started with the first round. Continue reading For King and Country II Saga tournament

SAGA cover

Review: SAGA

Last year I have playtested SAGA  together with a friend for our gamestore. And we really liked it. I also run a demonstration during an convention (Spellenbeurs Eindhove) for the gamestore. But now, a year later, some friends and I finally decided to start with this game. And I started by buying the rulebook and playing a few games to learn all of the rules again… We only needed half a game to remember them all 😉 Here is my review: Continue reading Review: SAGA