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painting table 01

Irregular hobby update #1.5-ish

Yes yes, I know I said the hobby update would be biweekly last October, but I didn’t hobby a lot… or at all for months (new job, no opponents close by, not that many miniature games left in my possession). So here is the promised hobby update in which I will show you what I’ve been up to in these last couple of months. Continue reading Irregular hobby update #1.5-ish

Imperial Assault box

Star Wars Imperial Assault preview

I am a true Star Wars fan, did I ever mention that? Seen al the movies way to many times, played a lot of the computergames and I am very happy with Fantasy Flight Games giving extra love to the franchise with the amazing X-Wing miniature game. But their upcoming release really makes my mouth water, a Star Wars skirmish/dungeon crawler called Imperial Assault! Continue reading Star Wars Imperial Assault preview