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Games I’m currently considering playing

So after a year and a half of inactivity regarding miniature gaming, I now stand at the precipe of being completely active once more. This in fact is thanks to the opening of The Fantasy Realm, a new locale were you can play and organise for your favourite games. And the owner happened to be an old club member of the Warhammer club I used to run and he was looking for someone to organise miniature game events and thought I could help him. And so I am now fully back in the game, but without a game that is actively played in the area.

The games that are being played actively in my direct surroundings are Warhammer 40k and Warmachine/Hordes. Both games I have no intention of playing for various reasons.

So I am now looking at games I want to play and yes, I do actually have money to spend on them :p Continue reading Games I’m currently considering playing

Undead Goblin Necromancer

My return to Warhammer

I am not a big fan of Warhammer 8th, I tried multiple times to get started again, only to quit after a couple of games. And I do know the reason why. 8th edition, to my mind, is not suitable for heavy competitive play, but more for scenario driven narrative big battles and campaigns. Unfortunately, in my gaming community most players are of the competitive kind and play the game with the best armylists and combinations you can make. But then I thought… I can always play some battles somewhere else. Continue reading My return to Warhammer

Hello fellow wargamers and miniaturepainters

So, a blog about everything i experience in my hobby. From the collecting and painting of my armies to strategies and battle reports.

Luckily i have a few years of experience with the hobby. I started with Warhammer Fantasy when i was about thirteen years old. I delved deeper into the world of Warhammer tournaments en communities at age eighteen with an army of Lizardmen. Now, at age twenty-seven, my main game is Hordes (Privateer Press), which i find a very enjoyable and challenging strategic game. Continue reading Hello fellow wargamers and miniaturepainters