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Unleashed box

Preview: Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

I am not one to give a lot of attention towards roleplay games. I’ve played and collected enough back in the time (I sound really old right now :p), but simply don’t have the drive to play them anymore. But when a new game is being released suported by such a nice looking set of miniatures and set in one of my favourite fantasy/steampunk worlds, other worlds are Middle-Earth, Azeroth and the Discworld 😉 I just have to blog about it! Continue reading Preview: Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

Charge of the Rockram

Rain down destruction on Cryxians

A couple of days ago I’ve played a game of Warmachine 35pts against a Cryx player from my club with my mercs as part of the running Journeyman League and was a bit skeptical about my chances. My past encounters with Cryx did not go well and I am still learning the tricks about my mercs. But it all went really well eventually. Continue reading Rain down destruction on Cryxians

Journeyman Kick-off

Journeyman League 01: The beginning of a Warmachine army

Yesterday was the kick off of our very own Journeyman League I organise together with a gaming buddy of mine for our Warmachine/Hordes community. We did however house ruled the league by letting people create their own battle box/starterarmy and to work in multi-week phases instead of doing something different every week. And I decided to go for a Warmachine Mercs army led by Durgen Madhammer! Continue reading Journeyman League 01: The beginning of a Warmachine army

Mercenary purchases

Warmachine faction choosen ;-)

Now with the EU Masters behind me and the National Championship in front of me it might not be the best time to start a completely new faction, but since when have I done something wise? :pWhy Mercenaries? Well, I always liked the idea of a ragtag band of warriors from all sorts of places fighting together. During 6th edition Warhammer I also had an Dogs of War army with some Regiments of Renown, (I’ll post more about that army in the future 😉 ) just because I like the look so much. Continue reading Warmachine faction choosen 😉