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Master record sheet

Ready for the EU-Masters 2013

So, finally packed and ready for the European Warmachine Masters in Rotterdam!

I got three balanced lists with me with epic Doomshaper being my assassinationlist with three heavy warbeasts (including Mulg) and some heavy hitting Champions. Jarl Skuld with a balanced list of Fennblades and Warbeasts to hold objectives and Longriders with Horthol to break units. Finally a bit off an odd list with epic Grissel and a War Wagon, Champions and Longriders, I’ll just see what to do with her.

so wish me luck for the weekend and perhaps we’ll meet each other across the table 🙂

The full Masters report will be posted next Monday!

epic Doomshaper

Doomshaper vs Kaelyssa, bad match-up?

Last evening I’ve played a game against a friend of mine to test one of our lists for the EU Masters. eDoomy with 3 Heavy Warbeasts (first time I fielded 3 Heavy’s) against Kaelyssa with a full unit Mage Hunter Strike Force… since it was my first time against that unit, I was in for some nasty surprises… Continue reading Doomshaper vs Kaelyssa, bad match-up?